Kyle Miller is a Professional Golfer with Cerebral Palsy.

First I would like to note that I was never paid to write this Wikipedia article, and it was very much a “labor of love” because I really do enjoy writing for you, the reader, and especially about topics that I think are important to the world at large.

For those that don’t know:

Kyle is the first golfer with cerebral palsy to participate in a PGA Tour-sanctioned event. 

He is one of a kind,  and I want anyone that reads this to understand that a life with cerebral palsy brings about challenges ranging from obvious physical limitations – to emotional, interpersonal, social, and pretty much any one thing many of us able-bodied individuals may take for granted.

To become a Professional Golfer, you must pass what’s called a “Play Ability” test. This test is often failed by able-bodied, young and very athletic individuals.

Kyle’s Wikipedia article delves (to the best of the knowledge that we can reference) into some of what brought Kyle to professional golfer status.

The goal here consisted of delivering a message based on facts. As per Wikipedia standards.

And although I cannot be as candid about Kyle’s life on Wikipedia, here on my own website I want you to know that….

Among the years of straight golf hours were also years entrenched in struggle and hardship.

To say that going pro when Kyle doesn’t feel the left side of his body and therefore his downswing (the moment when your swing is about to contact the ball) is impressive is an understatement.

I don’t think I have to convince anyone that living with cerebral palsy is debilitating, but if you do doubt this, please reference the Wiki page. 🙂

So what do you get when you mix equal parts doubt and hardship?

Kyle Miller.

A Professional Golf Player.


I want you to understand why this was such an important Wikipedia article for me to kick off, and the hope is that this entry eventually becomes even more worthy of describing Kyle’s life.

I also want to chronicle my writing of this article because as Kyle gains more traction in his life and career, others will be able to add to this article to really flesh out what Kyle has accomplished along with his efforts leading to that point.

And this is of course a good thing.

However, as what I’ve written becomes less and less how I have been able to perceive Kyle – I thought it would be valuable to chronicle the beginnings of his Wikipedia presence here on my website.

All of this being said:

Kyle has been featured in many news outlets ranging from his niche in Golf Digest – to CNN, to CBC, to The National Post, to The Globe and Mail, and the list goes on,

and on,

and on…

Needless to say, I had a variety of third-party references to consider.

I knew that this article could be one that does justice to who Kyle is at this moment in his life and for anyone else that wants to peer into his world. I hope that others will be able to add value in the future as well.

Keep in mind that when writing a Wikipedia article there are a few rules:

  • You cannot pull at heartstrings (this isn’t an advertisement)
  • You must let the facts speak for themselves
  • You must back up your claims with references

And despite at no point having to sell you on anything related to Kyle (I believe his accomplishments speak for themselves), as far as the marketer and copywriter in me goes:

  • I must appeal to the audience (in this case people who want to genuinely learn facts about Kyle)
  • I must keep the reader interested, in accordance with wiki guidelines
  • I must offer the facts and have those events speak to you the reader, in a way that allows you to understand the gravity of this particular topic

Among writing about Kyle, I also built his website at

I also started Kyle’s social media and promoted his business online!

You can follow Kyle on:

1) Facebook 2) Instagram or connect with him on 3) LinkedIn

Here is the article (and I will update this as long as it’s my own words):

Full article and Reference here:

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